Tech Toledo was created by Stuart Bertsch and Keith Instone in an attempt to create a local tech community. Keith is a local UX guru and works closely with local startups and regional businesses in the UX space. Stuart has worked on several tech startups and consults with local and national tech companies.

The idea started from a need to get local tech people together and showcase local noteworthy achievements. Within a few months several other groups with the same idea were created. Since we started Tech Toledo in October of 2011, the community has grown, evolved and has no shortage of places to meet, learn, and share information. Tech Toledo is no longer hosting meetings other than our yearly December Mixer for local groups to get together.

Some things we have been doing: promoting events, introducing people & organizations to the community, encouraging collaboration.

For anyone new to the Toledo tech community we recommend starting at the following links:

Let us know your thoughts! Also, join our Google group to share information with others and the discuss what is needed.