Connected the Tech, Design & Entrepreneur Community from 2011-2019


Tech Toledo was created by Stuart Bertsch and Keith Instone in October of 2011 to begin creating a local tech community. Keith is a local UX guru and works closely with local startups and regional businesses in the UX space. Stuart has many years of IT consulting and is working on several tech startups.

The idea for Tech Toledo started with a need to get local tech people together and showcase local noteworthy achievements. As the community grew, shrunk, evolved and changed, Tech Toledo always tried to keep everyone connected. Some things we were doing in 2015 is a good recap of the range of things we did to support the community.

In the summer of 2019, we wrapped up our Tech Toledo efforts. It was fun and as volunteers, we believe we had a positive impact. We hope that some of what we started will be continued by others.