Connecting the Tech, Design & Entrepreneur Community


We have helped establish as the community calendar for the regional tech community.

Instead of building our own calendar, we continually encourage groups to add their events to this calendar set up by Jason Slagle. We help Patrick McSweeny add features and customize the site for our region. We maintain events, delete spam, tweak tagging, and add events as needed to make the calendar useful. See the calendar about page for more information.

The calendar works well via a web browser on phones, but Don Miller has also developed an iOS app that accesses the calendar. And Chris Wammes has made an Android app.

Again, use to find events. Add your events and other events that you think the community should know about. If you want to help out, join the Google group for the calendar and introduce yourself. It takes a group effort to make sure the calendar serves the Toledo regional tech community.

We used to organize events, but now we mostly get all of the groups together for a mixer each year.

We also help plan larger events for the whole community. See our 2017 Major Event Planning calendar.