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Be a Mentor at GlassHacks

GlassHacks bannerA team of students at Maumee Valley Country Day School is putting on GlassHacks, a 24-hour event for high school students to learn how to write software and make things with technology. From noon Saturday, October 15th to noon, Sunday, October 16th, one hundred students are expected to participate in GlassHacks.

Learn more about the event at It is a Major League Hacking member event.

Mentors are needed! Mentors:

  • help students solve technical problems, from simple syntax errors to complex bugs
  • advise participants about the right tools to use and approaches to take for their projects
  • inspire hackers and get them excited about learning how to code

This is an opportunity for experienced members of the Toledo region IT community to give back to our community.

Mentors should have some area of expertise, such as specific programming languages, operating systems, tools, and software development methods. But more importantly, they should be willing to spend time at GlassHacks on the weekend of October 15-16 and help students learn.

Mentors are also invited to lead a 1 hour workshop at the start of the event to share their expertise and help students gain enough knowledge to get started on their projects.

If you are interested in being a mentor at GlassHacks, fill out a form with your contact information, area of expertise, and availability on the weekend. A member of the MVCDS team will get in touch with you. (You may also need to sign up at MLH.)

Also, if you know of high school students who would be interested in attending, tell them about GlassHacks and encourage them to register.

Plus, sponsors are needed to help pay for the event. Sponsors get recognized for supporting the community, can give away prizes, exhibit, and help judge projects. Download the sponsor prospectus (PDF) and learn more about how your company can help.

We are looking forward to GlassHacks next month. Hope to see you there as a mentor!