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Ohio Tech Issues Report

TechIssuesReportBack in January, we helped collect data for the Ohio Tech Industry Advocacy Survey.

A report based on the first set of results was published a while ago.

One key purpose of the report is to “help increase lawmakers’ understanding of the industry and how they can shape policies to support its growth.”

You can read the overall Ohio conclusions, but we will feature a few of the Toledo region aspects.

  • We disagree more than other regions with “Ohio’s state government adequately supports the IT industry across the state”.
  • Our ranking of regional priorities most closely matches the results from Columbus. “Support start-up tech firms” is #1, for example, with most other priorities similar. The other 3 regions have very different rankings from Toledo & Columbus.

In the next steps section…

  • Tech Toledo and TechLife Columbus will share the report with their respective communities to help foster the conversation around these important tech issues.

So let’s start the conversation! We will be sharing printed copies of the report at the Lima Tech conference this week, for example. We have not figured out what else: suggestions welcome.