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Ohio Tech Industry Advocacy Survey

ohtec-toledo-surveyCalling all IT leaders in the Toledo region! We need a few minutes of your time to fill out a survey about the issues that are important to you (such as IT talent attraction and tech start-up funding). The results of our survey will be added to data from other Ohio regions to help advocate for legislative support.

Fill out the survey now. It is short, only 5 questions.

  1. Your role, such as tech start-up founder, executive at a tech company, enterprise IT leader, investor, or service provider to the tech industry. There is also an “other” category: we welcome input from anyone interested in contributing to the legislative agenda.
  2. Your zip code, to help us analyze the results by region.
  3. Your view of the Ohio government’s support of the IT industry.
  4. This is the big question. Rank the importance of several key issues that will guide the legislative agenda.
  5. On page 2, you can leave contact information, if you want.

Please share this Tech Toledo page and/or the survey link with other IT leaders in the Toledo region. LRITA members are especially welcome to participate.

It is important that our voice be heard at the state (and national) level.

Your opinion will have the most impact if you fill out the survey by noon, Friday, January 15th. Early results will be compiled for a meeting in Washington, DC, in early February. Results that come in later will be used for a more comprehensive report. You can leave your email address (question 5) to get a copy of the findings.

Please give us 2 minutes of your time and fill out the survey by Friday! Thanks in advance.

About the legislative agenda project

OHTec (in Cleveland, formerly known as NEOSA) is leading the effort to advocate for the tech industry in Ohio. OHTec is collaborating with other Tech Associations/Councils in the state (The Circuit/Cincinnati and Technology First/Dayton), and with TechLife Columbus. Learn more about OHTec’s advocacy efforts.