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Save the date: December 11, 2014

Save the date for the 4th Annual TechToledo GeekDinner HolidayMixer: December 11, 2014. 5:30pm at Packo’s at the Park (as usual).

The Holiday Mixer idea is simple:

  • Many groups usually make their December meetings “geek dinners” where they meet at a restaurant and each person pays for themselves, instead of having a speaker or more formal meeting.
  • Instead of having many separate geek dinners, let’s all agree on the same date/time and location and make it a “mixer” so people can engage with people from other groups that they may not know about.

Other tech community members, and people who just like to hang out and talk tech, also join us. This is also a great place to announce new groups and to start planning for 2015.

Which groups will be invited? Those who have been active so far in 2014, for starters. If you are a leader of one of those groups, please set aside the date for the mixer and start reminding your members about it. Create the event in your calendar: TWP has already created their meetup, for example. It is already in Toledo Tech Events as well.

If you want to attend, you can RSVP with any of the local groups, or at the Tech Toledo Facebook event. We need to give Packo’s an estimate of the number of attendees so they can have enough people to wait on us, so please RSVP somewhere.

See you there!