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Employer Commitment to TechHire

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You can help the Toledo Region achieve designation as a “TechHire community.” This will kick-start new training in IT skills for our regional workforce.

We need employers like you to commit to participating in our TechHire Toledo Region efforts.

You do not have to be a “tech company” to participate. Any company that needs employees in IT-related roles, requiring IT skills, is invited to join us.

To join in, read the information below and provide your company name, the size of your IT workforce, and a point of contact.

What is TechHire?

TechHire is a White House program to help address the shortage of Information Technology talent in America. TechHire focuses on targeting specific populations, helping them get accelerated IT training (such as a 12 week software development boot camp), then finding them entry level jobs where they can advance their IT skills.

Employees with IT skills such as software development, database administration, user interface design, security analysis, network engineering, and technical support are in demand at IT companies. Other industries, such as advanced manufacturing and healthcare, also need employees with IT skills to help them meet their increasingly complex business challenges.

Cities, regions, and states can apply for TechHire “designation,” which helps them build partnerships to execute on industry-led initiatives to address local IT talent needs.

Tech Toledo has applied for TechHire designation for the Toledo Region. This designation would enable us to participate in a national network of TechHire communities to share best practices. TechHire designation makes it easier to apply for grants later.

You can learn more about the TechHire initiative from the White House and read the Tech Toledo announcement from July.

Our initial application has been reviewed favorably by the White House and we are in the running to be included in a TechHire announcement in October. We are now soliciting commitments from employers to strengthen our submission.

How are employers involved?

As an employer of IT talent in the region, your participation in our regional TechHire program will be crucial.

Participating in the TechHire Toledo Region program means:

  • You will tell us what specific IT skills you need so we can find and develop accelerated training that meets those needs.
  • You agree to look at candidates that go through TechHire training. This could be for entry-level jobs or paid internships.
  • You may need to update some of your IT recruiting practices to increase the share of candidates you consider from “non-traditional” sources, such as accelerated training.

Participating in TechHire Toledo Region does not mean you have to hire a certain quota of people from the program (just consider some of the candidates). There is no financial commitment (just your time). You can stop participating whenever you want (but we believe you will find it worth your effort).

The White House has more information for companies and why they should participate in local TechHire communities. Some of the listed benefits: reduced difficulty in filling roles, improved retention, reduced cost, and improved workforce diversity.

What can you do to participate?

At this point, we just need a few pieces of information as your commitment to be a part of the TechHire Toledo Region program (if we get the designation).

  • Company name
  • Size of your IT workforce (approximately)
  • Point of contact (name, email, phone number)

Submit your commitment as an employer.

Please reply by September 13th (but we are accepting submissions after that date).

If you have questions, feel free to contact us at We will address your questions via email, call you, or set up a meeting.

On September 16th, we will share our list of committed employers with the White House.

If we obtain the designation, the White House may list your company in a news release to announce the TechHire Toledo Region designation. Your company can issue a corresponding news release at that time. We will then continue to work with you, other employers, training providers, and workforce development agencies to address IT talent needs in our region.

Thank you!