Connecting the Tech, Design & Entrepreneur Community


Tech Toledo hosts monthly events for Tech Types to meet, mingle, and learn what’s great about Toledo’s Tech community:

  • Hear speakers from cutting-edge local companies talk about what they’re doing
  • Network about jobs, companies, projects, products, and the Toledo tech landscape
  • Get excited about the local tech business environment
  • Meet tech professionals in other fields and other companies
  • No costs and no obligations.  Subscribe using your email to get updates.

Tech Toledo is a place for IT and tech professionals to meet and learn about what is happening in the local Tech sector that they probably didn’t know. One goal is to get the word out about some of the cutting edge tech businesses we have here in Toledo doing business across America and the world.

We believe Toledo’s Tech pro’s should have a place to network and mix it up with other tech types from other companies and fields to cross-pollinate ideas and to grow their own network.

Come learn about why Toledo’s tech sector is amazing.